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Business Philosophy

We have customers all over the world. The swedish mother-company Liljas Plast AB, started up in Suzhou, China 2005 to provide customers in China and a better supply-chain and ensure same high quality that they allways got from Sweden before.

The business philosophy of Liljas Plastic is to provide high quality technical moulding parts to the industry in a way that satisfies the customers’ specific needs.

Liljas Plastic offers a high customer service level along with quick decision-making, and an efficient production at a high technical level.

We rarely take part in projects with too many predefined solutions. Instead, we are able to bring a fresh approach, identify and resolve issues and provide positive surprises and new solutions to our customers.

Our concept is to work with high-performance technical materials and to be your extended R&D department. With expert advice from the material supplier and the mould makers, we will pilot you through the process to the ultimate solution.

Code of Conduct (English)